01. Tripper Dungan - Ice Cream Truck Face Animation
01. Opening Ceremonies
02. Experimental Team Hope
Special Christmas Segment
03. Alyson Provax
Body Condom Presentation
04. Tripper Dungan
Ice Cream Truck Face Animation
05. Rainbow & The Kittens
Music Performance
06. Eric Ostrowski
Qween of Qwartoons Film
07. Merce Cunningham Duo
Music & Movement
08. Nat Andreini & Jayson Wynkoop
Dig It! Performance
09. Merce Cunningham Duo
Musical Performance
10. Baby Bird
Rererato: The Movie
11. Closing Fanfare & Credits
About the performances:

The Experimental Team Hope Folk Art Ensemble Experiment: A Very Special Christmas Special Segment
Team Hope visits our very special one year television experience with a very special Christmas special segment.   They have a heartfelt moment with Pepsi Santa, and hand out some very special presents from under the miniature Christmas tree.

Alyson Provax: Going Out

Provax presents an animation about the uses of her knitted body condoms that she exhibited at Rererato last year. "I believe that both our bodily state and our environment have a profound affect on how we perceive ourselves - our internal sense of our own identities. Sometimes we feel the need to protect ourselves from influence, and those protective measures can be both restrictive and comforting."

Tripper Dungan: Ice Cream Truck Face

This animation is a re-enactment of how ice cream music got so dope. And another thing don't you just love ice cream?

Rainbow and the Kittens: Musical Performance
Tony says "We are a band of weirdos... out to change the world!!! Rainbows! Kittens! With Wings! Psychedelic!"

Eric Ostrowski: The Qween of Qwartoons
The Qween of Qwartoons is your host for several experimental short films by this Seattle musician and filmmaker.   Wet's watch another qwartoon!!!

Merce Cunningham Duo: The House Band
An unlikely combination of music and dance obsessed with odd time signatures, odd rhythms, and odd movement. A mish of backwards untranslatable sections mashed with an intuitive obliteration of dance and music. Space and time can not be disconnected. This is proof.

Nat Andreini & Jayson Wynkoop: Dig It!
Dig It
is a song by The Beatles featured on their album Let It Be (1970). It is a 51-second snippet that was extracted from a studio jam of a 12-minute rendition of the song "Twist And Shout." The artists elongate this 51-second piece back to it's original 12-minute length by continuing Lennon's 'shout out.'

Baby Bird: Rererato (The Movie)
This is a story of two creatures who receive a mysterious package in the snowy wilderness, and use their handmade technology to unlock the secrets of its contents. Along the way, they encounter colorful visions and bizarre incantations that electrify their journey.

Closing Credits
We would like to thank Laurel DeMarco for all her hard work and video expertice, as well as her great camera work. Thanks to Aki Shimane for manning a camera and loaning some equipment. Thanks to Tripper Dungan for being such a great stagehand. And thanks so much to Carrie Worth for creating Posters and programs, and for joining us via the internet during the program. Last but not least, thanks to the wonderful studio audience, and thanks to viewers like you who make it all possible!

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