January 31 - February 29, 2008
Two Thousand Kilometers in Two Weeks: Photographer Michael Cogliantry Takes on India in a Rickshaw.

Two weeks of mountains, mud tracks, tropical heat, cricket and that most noble of vehicular genius, the three-wheeled motorized rickshaw. This real life action-adventure road trip started on the fabled Malabar Coast of Cochin (Kochi) India on December 2006 and eventually closed two weeks later in the high-tech center of Hyderabad.

In addition to raising money for charity, Michael Cogliantry photographed a unique narrative about his trip along the way. The intention of the project was to use the actual journey, as seen through the eyes of a fictional character, as a metaphor for the age-old process of self-discovery. Think Hearts of Darkness meets Borat.

Along with a book signing, Cogliantry displayed new 40" x 50" color photographs, all self-portraits of the artist, making his way through this very foreign country.

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