Co-curator Cyrus Smith (center) revelling at the Spaghetti ho-down with Aaron and Sarah.
Saturday October 27 2007:
Rererato held an opening reception for Spaghetti: A Rhinestone Studded Suburban Dream. Hobobituary provided a punk-bluegrass backdrop while attendees slapped their collective knee. Cyrus Smith and Luke Forsythe supplied the party-goers with an arts and crafts table complete with crayons, and supplies for hand made hats and wanted signs. Of course no spaghetti-western party would be complete guessed it, spaghetti. Rererato resident chef Aaron Silverman made his delicious homemade tomato sauce.

Later on, the Plastic Afterlife Rodeo Band played a number involving a guitar and a bowed saw. The show also featured the shadow-puppetry of Tripper Dungan. Frog-voiced cowboys sang "Buck-Eyed Jim" and skeletons played each other's ribs like xylaphones. The performance was topped off with a duet featuring a singing moose and squirrel. Fun for kids of all ages.

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