August 23 - September 16, 2008

Rererato presents Stare Hard, a collection of single and multi-channel video works by Portland artist Dustin Zemel.  Dustin's work explores the visual density of our highly produced films and television programs.

Sticking Points Amongst a Highly Coveted Demographic - Participants in this piece each watched the same episode of Fox's smash hit 24. Asked to vocally repeat as much of the episode as possible. During simultaneous playback of these separate recordings, we can determine through instances of synchronicity, what elements from these episodes left the biggest impact on the viewer ... and conversely, what's just filler.
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Action Phase Loops - Using techniques utilized by experimental classical musician Steve Reich in the 1960's, these pieces loop and superimpose the same segment of film taken from various action movies, and runs them at slightly different speeds. Through the slow process of dissociation and reforming, viewers are immediately removed from the hypnosis of narrative, and transplanted into a new cognitive rvealm where they have the opportunity to closely scrutinize the visual elements of the sequence with the same meticulous eye of the director.

What Choice Did I Have - Slowed down footage of an action cliché simultaneously shown on three televisions.
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More Please - A reassembly of 30 seconds of a well known cable news program, More Please uses slow-motion and loop effects to direct focus to emptiness of the highly intricate graphic work, and b-roll footage television news program have to include to keep our attention.

Miscellaneous Slow Motion Footage - Various television and film segments slowed down to illuminate the "invisible."

Dustin Zemel is slated to graduate with his MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University this fall. In the process of schooling, he quickly became disillusioned with traditional documentary filmmaking while simultaneously facilitating an interest in more experimental film and video methods feeling these to be definitively "more honest" than conventional documentary. Stare Hard is the first public viewing of Dustin's art pieces. He currently resides in Portland, OR.

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