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Rererato presents Welcome into the Fold , a collection of artwork by local Portland artists whose work posseses warm, intrinsic elements - the same internal, comforting qualities you would want to have when first experiencing a new environment.   Here you have everything you need to feel safe and warm.   Crawl into a static electricity resistant tent or try on a body condom knitted just like the sweaters grandma used to make, and take a walk through the web of dreams and the outside/in world of Undergrowth.   Undergrowth, a collaboration by Alisha Wessler and Seth Neefus, is a site specific installation comprised mostly of paper mache, wood, and dirt. Welcome into the Fold features work by Tim Karpinski, Emily Katz, Jason Levins, Seth Neefus, Alyson Provax, and Alisha Wessler.

Artist, musician, and fashion designer, Emily Katz credits the natural world, myth and fairy tales for the images in her artwork.  

Jason Levins continues his grandmother's tradition of Chiromancy (palm reading) through his series, "The Red Hand", searching forever for "truths" in the hands of the people that surround him.   On display are five examples of what is recored in a session dedicated to decoding the hieroglyphics of gods and nature.

Seth Neefus is interested in his connections with people, reasons for doing what we do, seasons and time, childhood to old age, family and friends, nature and city's, and   life and death.    "What i paint is a part of me, and i am a part of what i paint, trying to bring it all to life."

Alyson Provax , a fiber artist, printmaker, and object-maker is a recent graduate of Pacific Northwest College of Art where she received her BFA in Printmaking and the Liberal Arts Award.   Alyson's work focuses on the exploration of the edges of the self and the body, and how we negotiate with ideas of autonomy, identity, and comfort.

Alisha Wessler creates drawings and sculptures about dreamscapes and otherworldly environments.

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